AddThis: the importance of sharing

The importance of sharing is something we were all taught from a young age – and something that is still very relevant for website owners today.

A critical component of any online strategy is amplifying the content placed on your website through social media, email and other sharing platforms. AddThis is a simple application that makes this sort of sharing easier than ever before.

AddThis social share buttons, pictured below and featured at the bottom of this article, provide options for website visitors to share your content quickly and effectively – which increases brand awareness, expands reach, spreads influence and ultimately widens the catchment of your marketing/sales funnel. Not to mention the buttons look good, are easy to install and free to use!

(Learn more about the adjacent "Disqus" plug-in, which allows people to comment on your blog posts)

But perhaps the greatest feature of AddThis is that it is fully customisable. Based off the business and industry the content is related to, you can choose from over 200 of sharing platforms that will be most effective for that audience.

For example, a fashion website may wish to promote sharing their content on Instagram or Pinterest, whereas a website offering professional services may gear towards LinkedIn or email sharing. You can choose which sharing platforms to feature, whilst having many other platforms available in the pop-up menu.  

If you like what you’ve read so far, click here to learn everything you need to know about AddThis Share Buttons.

More on how sharing content can grow your website

Boost your blog

Having a blog on your website is a great platform for regularly sharing useful or informative content. But a blogs power relies on reach. Having share buttons attached to each piece of blog content maximises the chances of your specially designed blog content getting under the nose of your target audience.

Improve SEO rankings

Search engines like Google consider shares and links from your website as ranking factors to judge the quality of your website. In their eyes, the more people sharing your content the better the content must be, and thus the more willing they are to promote your website in their search results.

Improve user experience

For a lot of web browsers, when you read an interesting piece of content you want to share it! Giving visitors a quick and easy option for being able to do this increases their overall experience on your website and builds positive conations with your brand.

Increase brand awareness

As well as pleasing the sharer, of course when your content is shared it increases your brand awareness and promotes your content to a wider audience – which is intrinsically valuable to your business.

Increase website traffic

Ultimately, all these factors increase traffic to your website which can only be a good thing. Website traffic is also a positive ranking factor for search engines which links in to your SEO strategy and starts to build a snowball effect of brownie points with Google.

More on the benefits of AddThis

Link to over 200+ relevant platforms

AddThis give visitors to your website the options to share your content across both popular and niche sites or applications that are most relevant to your industry.

Fully customisable

Choose which sharing buttons show up based on your industry, the specific piece of content, or even personalise them for each user based on his or her social media history.

Placement flexibility

With AddThis you can place your share buttons where it makes the most sense. Whether you want your share buttons to display horizontally across the top or vertically along each side, that’s completely up to you!


Importantly for a modern website, AddThis share buttons come with options to turn on or off for mobile configuration, or change the size, colour, type or shape of the buttons to adapt to mobile viewers.

Good looking!

Not to mention, they look great! There are a few different options out there for sharing buttons available, with AddThis at the top of the market for appearance and functionality.

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