Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Most business owners would have at some stage pondered over whether starting a business blog is worth their time. Well if you haven’t figured it out yet, the answer is YES… if done correctly.

Creating and committing to a blog for your business has many potential benefits (as listed below) which can all compliment each other to boost your online presence and provide an impressive return on investment.

5 key benefits of a business blog

1. Draw traffic to your website

Your website is a pretty static forum. You don’t regularly change the content on your home page or product listings, do you? A blog is a place where you can upload fresh content regularly and directly to your site.

If your blog topics hit the right cord with your customers and prospects, this fresh content can quickly become a source of knowledge, inspiration or entertainment for them, which keeps them coming back to your website for more – increasing your website traffic.

2. Boost search engine rankings

Aside from your customers and prospects, someone else who loves regular fresh content is Google! Search engines like Google use algorithms to scan websites for keywords (and many other ranking factors) to ultimately judge the relevance of your website to show in their search results.

If you are updating your website content regularly through your blog, this tells search engines that your business is active and engaged, whilst simultaneously building the catalogue of relevant keywords, increasing visitors who are reading your blog, improving opportunities for sharing and commenting on your post, etc., etc.… all of which are important ranking factors for Google to prioritise your website in their search results.

3. Build relationships with new and existing customers

Your blog can also be used as an outlet for your brand’s personality and opportunity to converse and engage with your customers. Whether you’re looking to be informative, helpful or funny, you can use your blog to express a tone that is more casual than the standard formality of a Home or Products page.

Furthermore, you can use simple and free plug-ins such as Disqus – a blog commenting tool – to engage directly with your readers. They can ask questions, seek clarification or engage in banter through the comment section of your blog. This is very common for successful blogs, and ties in to the previous two benefits by adding more fresh content to your website, and attracting more visitors for longer durations as they engage in the comments.

Learn more about Disqus from our previous blog post.

4. Establish your business as an industry authority

One of the greatest things about the digital era is that any business, regardless of size, can have market-leading influence.

You could be running a local business in Sydney – but if you have the knowledge and make the effort to regularly produce insightful, relevant content, there is no reason why experts from all over the world won’t go to your website first for industry news or insights, or discuss your latest blog posts in their boardroom meetings.

5. Create opportunities for sharing 

Every single day a particularly interesting piece of content gets swept up by social sharing, tagging and email forwarding and gets dispersed to every corner of globe… viral.

The Internet is designed for sharing, and with a little bit of thought about what sort of content you produce and where you place it, people will inevitably share your content. Particularly with free tools like AddThis, that is specifically designed to make it easier than ever for people to share your blog post through any channel imaginable.

Learn more about AddThis from our previous blog post.

So, why aren’t you blogging yet?! 

It’s a fair question, and for many business owners the answer is time. 

Nobody knows your business like you… but generally nobody puts as much time in to your business as you either, making it hard to free up time to commit to writing regular content – particularly for those who are not accustomed to writing day-by-day.

Enlisting the help of professional content marketers who can work with you to generate ideas, whilst freeing up your time in producing the content, can be a wise move.

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