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Video blogs are an easy way to provide great educational content for your clients and prospects that they may actually pay attention to. Video allows you to show your personality, and build relationship and connections with others in a one-to-many format.

One of my clients was telling me recently that he is amazed by the half dozen or so phone calls he gets every month from prospects that say they watched his video and want to find out more. And how because they've seen his face and heard him talk, they talk to him as though they've already met and know him!

Here's our top tips to help you be more successful with your video blogging strategy:


You're going to want to publish at least one interesting, content-rich video each month.

Here's a partial brainstorm list: tips specific to your industry, hot news stories for your industry (and more importantly your view on how this affects your target audience) or top questions that regularly come up from your clients.

You can even schedule a Skype call to interview someone of interest to your clients and prospects - record the whole call and post that up as a video blog.

Record your videos with a basic HD camcorder or even your smart phone (make sure to record in landscape mode by turning your phone sideways if using a smartphone).

A great idea is to send out an Ask campaign to your customers via email to see what they want you to talk about.

Setting Up Your Video Blog

It simply makes good business sense to always post on YouTube. A lot of video experts say Vimeo is technically better, but YouTube is the top video search engine AND it's owned by Google so you'll double your social efforts with some SEO help as well.

Once you've set up and verified your YouTube account, you can uintegrate your YouTube videos into your pages, blogs, portfolios and news articles.

Add your related lead-generating offer as an opt-in on every page that you include a video (it's normally a good idea to have different offers for different videos).

Add social sharing links on the page too (people like to share content that they enjoy, so let them share yours!).

Recording and Posting Your Videos

Your title and description are extremely important. Start your title off with video blog URL. Your description can contain 5,000 characters, but the first 29-46 characters are the most important, as they will show up in search results. Include your content description, company name and your name to improve search engine optimisation.

Add annotations in your video with links to landing pages if you mention a product or service that you offer.

Don't stress out about trying to edit and make your video too fancy. Your perfection will get in the way of fast implementation. You can now use YouTube's editing tools to trim the video or make minor adjustments. If you can't do it in YouTube, you're probably overthinking it.

Get Started Now

If you're going to do anything on social media, this is one of your best places to spend your time. Just get out and do it and have some fun in the process! For more information please contact us on (02) 9114 9925 or make an enquiry via the webform below.


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