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As a website plug-in that allows people to comment on and engage with your blog posts, Disqus is one of the most popular and best. You may have seen their icon before at the bottom of blog articles such as this one (pictured below).

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Why Disqus is valuable to your website

Engage your audience

Giving your website visitors the ability to engage in conversation with the author and other readers is a key ingredient to a successful blog. This discussion forum to ask questions or share opinions helps build a sense of community, and importantly Disqus keeps all of this content on your website – providing more content for search engines to index and boosting traffic to your site.

Retain your readers

Having this additional content self-generating in your comment section is also proven to help retain your readers, as people will generally stay longer to read the comments, come back again to engage in conversation or perhaps be linked in to the article through comment-conversation in the first place.

On average, sites with Disqus gain:

Source: Disqus.com

Understand your success

Disqus analytical features offer another avenue to understand which pieces of content you are putting out are gathering the most interest from your audience, as well as measuring ongoing engagement through comments and responses. This sort of content analysis is critical in understanding what works and what doesn’t, in order to focus your future efforts around topics that readers want to read and engage with.

What sets Disqus apart

Cross-website and social media integration

Because Disqus is a “log-in” platform, your account exists across all the websites you leave comments on – allowing people to follow your comments, or you to keep up with what a friend, competitor or industry leader is engaging with on the Internet. You can also log-in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account and your comments will link back to your website or account.

Built in comment tracking and email reminders

Disqus also has automated email options, which you can customise to send you reminders when someone replies to one of your comments or makes a comment in a certain feed across any site. This is a super valuable feature in engaging and retaining readers.

Ability to vote on and sort comments

One of the best features about Disqus is the ability to vote on people’s comments, which goes towards that users overall reputation. This helps deter spammers as well as point out authority or expertise to other readers. You then have the ability to sort your comments by authority, most recent or most engaged with.

Source: Disqus.com

Smart spam detection and prevention

As well as deterring spam through reputation tracking, Disqus also leverages machine learning technology from their comment history across millions of websites to automatically detect and remove spam comments before they ever land on your site. This is becoming more and more valuable as people try to take advantage of the free link building opportunities that comment sections can provide to spammers.

Ability to monetise your comment feed

A cool bonus feature of using Disqus is the ability to monetise your engagement through advertising. Disqus has a range of options on what and where to advertise within the comment feed, giving you the ability to adjust your advertising to suit the look, feel and topic of your website.

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