Email Marketing - 5 Key Benefits to Your Business

In 2018, the unprecedented popularity of social media has stirred some doubt around the effectiveness of old-school marketing techniques such as email marketing. However, studies show that email marketing remains the most effective channel to garner positive ROI from your digital strategy, when compared with social media, direct mail, paid search and online display. This is largely because of email marketing’s low cost and relative ease, as well as the unique ability to gather and convert leads, target specific audiences and produce valuable analytical insights. With this in mind, we’ve put together a short description of the:

5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

  • Low Cost – Building an email marketing campaigns is much less expensive than traditional marketing campaigns (print, TV, radio). Email marketing software (such as MailChimp) is generally quite cheap (or FREE – with limitations), and doesn’t require you to invest a large amount of money on man-power or development, as it is relatively easy to set-up and manage.
  • Quick and Easy – As mentioned above, email marketing is not difficult to set-up. Using the right email marketing software, you could quite easily design a template, import a contact list, input your specific content, and send out a basic campaign to your contacts just hours after getting started. It is also easy to use, as once you’ve got a template for how your emails will look, a list of contacts to send your emails to, and a plan, you can input fresh content as fast as you can think of it, and deliver it to all of your subscriber inbox’s with one click. Having said that, one of the biggest mistakes made with email marketing is ‘spamming’, or sending too many emails that your readers aren’t interested in… ultimately annoying your subscribers, and building a negative connotation rather than positive brand awareness.
  • Gather Leads – Once you have set-up an email marketing platform, there are a number of easy and effective ways to build your email list with the contact information of valuable leads. For example, offering useful information or industry insights to newsletter subscribers, or discounts to those who sign-up via a link on your homepage, allows you to gather valuable contact information and turn website visitors into leads. The more information you can gather from those who sign-up to receive your email content, the more effective you can be with targeted marketing… keep reading!
  • Target Your Audience – One of the most powerful benefits of email marketing is the ability to target specific audiences with specific content. After a quick analysis of your subscribers, email marketing software allows you to divide your contact list in to groups or segments (location, gender, occupation, existing customer, prospect, etc.). This then gives you the ability to send targeted emails containing relevant information to that specific group, such as information around gender-specific products to the either him or her. Furthermore, you can send useful tips or advice on how to maintain a particular product only to customers who you know have bought that product. Similarly, you can ensure you’re only sending targeted advertisements for a service you offer to subscribers who are yet to purchase it, and not annoying subscribers who have made the purchase.           
  • Data Analysis – Unlike some marketing channels that present ambiguous, estimated, or a complete lack of result measuring data, email marketing draws precise and valuable metrics from each campaign you send out. By being able to tell who opened your emails, who clicked on a specific link, who never received your emails, and who never read them, you gain valuable insights in to your customer’s behaviours and interests. From there, you can further refine your contact list, and target your email marketing strategy towards more successful campaigns and topics of interest. This also provides the opportunity to conduct valuable A/B testing, where you send one campaign to half your customers, and a different campaign to the other… and measure the results of what works for your businesses and what doesn’t.

Email Marketing with Cloud9

At Cloud9, we partner with MailChimp, the largest and most trusted email automation platforms on the market, to provide our clients with effective email marketing services. Using our knowledge of content marketing and the intuitive features of MailChimp, we are able to help our clients build their contact lists, design regular email newsletters and announcements, and put a plan in place that targets content towards achieving specific marketing objectives and ultimately growing your business.

For further information or advice on Cloud9’s email marketing services, please contact us today by filling out an enquiry form on our website.


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