SEO and Good Content Go Together

When writing a blog article, you must write for your target human audience first (human being the operative word). Google knows when you’re writing just for SEO ranking, and not providing good quality content.

That being said, it's no good writing awesome content if no-one can find it. You have to produce both quality content with SEO writing in mind.

So How Do You Write Good Content With SEO in Mind?

As well as writing website content you also need to follow some simple rules so that it ranks highly on search engines like Google. And guess what - because Google is basing their ranking criteria on what they think your audience wants to see - these rules actually make your content easier for people to read too.

Read on for the proven 5-step SEO method to use when writing a blog article:

#1 - Decide What Keyword Your Blog Article is Targeting

Only write a blog article for your website if it's targeting a keyword (or more often a keyword phrase) that you know your audience is typing into Google Search. For example this blog article is targeting the keyword phrase "SEO ranking".

#2 - Define the Target Audience for this Blog

This ensures you focus on writing compelling content for them. Real world experience shows it's a mistake to write one blog article for everyone. For example, this blog article is designed for people who know they're not getting the response they expected from their article writing and want to learn more about how to improve.

#3 - Write an Eye Catching Title

This blog title MUST include the exact keyword in it - I suggest writing the heading as a question or as a "How To" - and the closer that keyword or key phrase is to the start of the title the better.

#4 - Write Compelling Content

You're now ready to write website content that works. I recommend a minimum of 450 words to keep the search engines happy, but don't make the mistake of making it too long for your reader either. When people are searching for information they are scanning, not reading. You need to keep your content, snappy, easy to find for quick reading.

If you end up writing a high quality blog article with 1000 words (ie no padding), then consider writing it up as 2 blog articles targeting slightly different keyword variations, and then linking each blog to each other. And if there is padding take it out!

#5 - Conclude with a Call to Action

The primary reason for writing a blog article is to engage with your audience on a problem they are having and to offer them ideas or solutions to this problem.

Therefore your closing paragraph needs to have a clear call to action on what they can do next if they'd like to find out more.

Want to Know More About Achieving High SEO Rankings?

A common phrase in the SEO ranking world is "Content is King". However, its hard to automatically get great content ranking high unless you also structure your blog page according to a series of technical guidelines that make it easier for search engines like Google to understand your content.

If you'd like more information on how to write to Google's SEO standards, click through to this iarticle on SEO Tips - Technical Factors

Or if you'd like to discuss the options of our own content writer preparing and publishing blog articles on your behalf, please complete the webform below and we'll call you back within 2 business hours.


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