Clean design and regular blog and service webapp updates means it ranks highly on organic Google and Bing searches.

Strong Focus on Content and SEO Ranking

Ranking on page 1 on Google in the IT industry is a togh nut to crack. It requires high quality content and a website designed from the groud up to score highly on SEO rankings in order to achieve a Page 1 placing. The new Netcare website achieves this via a blog module named "Free Advice" that enables NetCare staff to easily and regularly add content as well as being based on one of the leading responsive design platforms in the world - Foundation 5.

Services are Added Via a Webapp

The IT industry is always evolving and that means new service offerings are introduced to keep up with the pace of change. Having all services entered and maintained as a "webapp" makes it very easy for NetCare staff to update the website as new services are introduced or as existing ones are refined.

Ecommerce Capability

NetCare's marketing strategy is not to act as a hardware and software online retailer, but there is a requirement to enable existing NetCare clients to view and order products that they have standardised on in consultation with NetCare.