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Communication is merely an exchange of information,
but connection is an exchange of our humanity.

Sean Stephenson

Empathy, connection, meaning…these are factors against which brands and marketing campaigns are measured today as consumer power grows to demand meaningful relationships in exchange for brand loyalty.

At Cloud9 Online we believe this customer-centric approach should underpin the development of every website project, to ensure the final result is a platform that not only informs but encourages communication and connection with your target market.

Creative Strategy

Brand personality, brand values, customer insights, marketing plans – this is the information we seek when we commence a project. Our creative team has extensive brand and marketing experience, so whether working under the guidance of your brand and marketing team, or helping you develop a brand and marketing strategy, our aim is always to ensure your website becomes a powerful and meaningful marketing and communications platform to engage your target audience.

Web Development

Web technology should be used to provide opportunities for a business to improve its market-sales position, and not as an end to itself or not provide a business ROI benefit.

We have experienced "full-stack" web developers, including some who've been working with web technology since the beginning of the web, and not only know the current technologies available, but how to choose the best approach for a business’ defined strategies and goals, to maximise the return on your development investment.

Web Hosting

Security, stability, capacity, scalability and performance are all key factors in selecting hosting platforms and hosting providers, and it is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Whether it’s a simple small-business site or a complex enterprise-level site, we are able to offer a number of fully-managed hosting solutions and work with multiple providers, to provide the right tool for the business goals and budget, as well as the various technologies used by the website.

If you're gonna make connections which are innovative... 
you have to not have the same bag of experiences as 
everyone else does.

Steve Jobs

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